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Dr. Amit Gosalia has been invited as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer and a guest on numerous podcasts. His dynamic personality and energy keeps the audience engaged and wanting more!! 
If Dr. Gosalia is a good fit for your organization, click the contact us button and we will respond as soon as possible!


Available topics:

  • Motivational Keynotes for Healthcare Organizations (45-60 minutes)

  • Proven Physician Relationship Strategies (60-90 minutes)

  • How to be a Philanthropist and an Audiologist (60-90 minutes)

  • Private Practice Pearls and Pitfalls (60-90 minutes)

  • Tinnitus: Incidence and Management (60 minutes)

  • Be THE BEST in your Market (60 minutes)

  • Current HIPAA Standards and Guidelines (60-90 minutes)

  • Buying/Selling a Practice (60 minutes each)

  • Audiology Practice Standards (60 minutes)

  • Third Party Payers, Is They Right for You? (60 minutes)

  • Winning Community & Educational Seminars (60 minutes)

  • Effective Networking (60 minutes)

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Feedback from Attendees

The instructor was engaging, informative and easy to follow. He made HIPAA less intimidating and at the same time very real at how the simplest error can have very big consequencies

The presenter was confident and had a great sense of humor in the face of a very serious topic which we all need to address in our practice of care for our patients and their privacy. I'm so glad I could get this information and wish that I could have consulted with him while I was in private practice. 


“Dr. Gosalia was an engaging and knowledgeable resource as a featured speaker for the 22nd Annual Texas Academy of Audiology conference. His sessions were popular, and attendees ranked the courses in private practice management and referral relationships high in every content category surveyed. Dr. Gosalia remained an energetic professional attendee through the entirety of the conference adding to the meaningful experience we aim to provide to our members and attendees.”

Shawna Jackson, AuD- 2021-2022 Texas Academy of Audiology President

The course touched on 'obvious' yet, inconspicuous aspects of HIPAA compliance that I have never thought of. This is certainly a course every health professional should take.

I really like that the presenter used his personal experience, rather than smugly just pointing out others' errors

The presenter was both knowledgeable and entertaining, giving information that will help us o construct a more safe environment for us and our patients

Should be a required course for every licenses

Entertaining, down to earth, fun examples

Very engaging presenter. Despite working in a large hospital system with a lot of compliance regulations already in place the information helped me understand a little more about what is necessary to protect patient information

Presentation style made what can sometimes be a dry topic engaging and informative. Thanks!

Loved Dr. Gosalia's sense of humor and he is just a very pleasant person to listen to. Made this a fun one on a not so typically fun topic

The course was great. It felt more like an interactive forum, opposed to echoing the information presented on slides. I thoroughly enjoyed it

The knowledge of the presenter. His relaxed presentation style.

Amit was engaging and well prepared for this course. He kept my attention and did not drag out the information. Very concise.

By far the best course ever on HIPAA!!!

This speaker was very engaging and he did NOT just read his slides, as so many others do

To go over such a mundane topic (still needed but mundane all the same) and to make it interesting and I even laughed a few times...that's a huge feat!! AWESOME CLASS!! Thank you

Excellent information from an obviously very knowledgeable Audiologist. Don't care if he was talking fast......I'd take a course from him any time. Anything our profession can contribute to identify potential cognitive decline and help mitigate it is a huge step forward.

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The presenter was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter. He is also in daily use of the screening materials which added to the validity of the presentation. I would have liked an hour on the topic rather than 30 minutes.



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