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Papa, Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing loss affects many aspects of our lives and Anna experiences what happens when her grandfather, Papa, struggles to communicate with her. After seeing an audiologist, Papa's relationship with his granddaughter changes! Join Anna and her family as they learn the importance of better hearing!

Anna and her grandpa, “Papa,” experience a valuable lesson about hearing loss. With approximately 5% of the world’s population (over 465 million adults and children) struggling with hearing loss, it is one of the most overlooked medical issues. Side effects to hearing loss may include cognitive decline, ability to communicate, financial/economic impact, isolation, depression, anxiety, to name a few. Since most people don’t recognize a hearing problem and it’s usually their friends or family who first notice their hearing issues, it’s imperative to get a baseline hearing evaluation performed by an audiologist.

Dr. Amit Gosalia, the author and an audiologist in Los Angeles, has been educating the public about better hearing since 2001 and even Anna and Papa learned how impactful better hearing can be!

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss, also known as the 'invisible disease', affects 5% of the world's population! Some of the side effects include social isolation, depression, anxiety, memory issues, and more. 

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Audiologists are doctors who specialize in hearing and balance. Usually a visit to an audiologist is in order when there are any issues with your hearing, balance, ringing in the ears, and many other ear-related issues!

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are sophisticated devices that are programmed to each person's hearing loss. Although hearing aids have improved greatly over the years, they can not restore your hearing to normal hearing. 

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