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Core Components of a Winning Team

The date was June 20th, 1993. I had just graduated from high school. My Phoenix Suns were up against the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls. It was game 6 of a best-of-seven series. The dagger plays in my head often…time winding down, the ball was passed to a wide-open John Paxson (a three-point specialist) who took the shot and made the three… The Chicago Bulls went on to win the 1993 NBA Championship.

What made them a winning team? Was it hall of famer (HOF) and greatest-of-all-time (GOAT) basketball royalty, Michael Jordan? Was it his teammates, including HOF Scottie Pippen? The fans? Cheerleaders? Their coach? Or perhaps it was the perfect combination of all of them.

In private practice, the winning formula is more than just one person. Each team requires every member to do their jobs.

So, what are the core components of a winning team and who should you beware of?

The star player is your key provider/providers who treat(s) all of their patients with only the best care, following best practices and keeps the business successful. When the clock is ticking, your star player will be clutch!

The teammates are your support staff. They aid in the process of succeeding. From the front office to your billing staff, each contact your patients make can make or break your business. One turnover can lose a game or one assist can win a game!

The fans are your patients. Your job is to take care of your patients. Their happiness pays the bills. When the team isn’t winning, the fans disappear, and your business suffers. Your patients’ success must be your primary goal.

The cheerleaders are your colleagues who motivate you but don’t necessarily give you the tools to succeed. Too many people, those self-proclaimed experts, who claim to help by cheering you on, can help. Utilize that energy, but don’t get caught up in the ego-stroking. Stay focused on your goals!

The ‘Monday morning quarterback’ watching from home are those people who have never achieved what you can achieve. The haters, the naysayers, those who tell you to do it differently…but have never owned a business can put a stop to any of your accomplishments.

The coach?... is your coach! Every business owner must invest in a coach or business consultant. Every athlete credits their coaches for their success so why wouldn’t a business owner have a professional coaching them through the process of private practice? Most successful practice owners I have spoken to over the years, credit their coaches, just as Phil Jackson gets credit for some of the GOATs’ successes. When searching, make sure your coach has real-world experience in the areas you need help with. If you don’t have a coach, contact me at or visit for more information!

When I began writing this, the Phoenix Suns were up 2 games to 0 against the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2021 NBA Championship…However, that series didn’t end the way I had hoped, with the Bucks winning 4 games in a row to claim the throne! The combination of the star player, great teammates, fans and a great coach, led the Bucks to the championship. Alas, I will have to wait longer for my home team to win that coveted trophy!

Dr. Amit Gosalia

Business Coach & Consultant

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