Affiliate Sponsorship, Spokesperson, & Corporate Speaking Opportunities

As an influencer, educator & leader in the audiology and hearing care space, Dr. Gosalia has the ability and motivation to help scale businesses via exposure around the world. He has worked with numerous companies with:

  • Affiliate marketing (resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales)

  • Contracted spokesperson

  • Invited speaker

  • Sponsored video interviews

  • Sponsored product reviews

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Raúl Garcia-Medina

BSHAA Vice President

Dr Gosalia's interaction during BSHAA's webinar as the sole speaker, which I hosted, provided the audience with an insightful and enjoyable experience. His extensive professional experience and forward thinking attitude were clearly demonstrated during our conversation. Unafraid to share valuable knowledge and ideas for the greater good of the sector, amenable and a very good communicator. Certainly someone to work with again in future projects.


Why Sponsor?

  • Broadens your audience 

  • Boost your company's and your product/service's reputation by partnering with Dr. Gosalia

  • Cost effective/Performance-based payout

  • Rapidly scale your traffic and sales

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Dr. Gosalia is available to discuss opportunities to help your business grow at any time. Most opportunities are unique in nature and customizable to a certain extent. 

Please fill out the contact section below with the subject "SPONSOR" along with a brief description of your needs.